To look at yourself and finally like what you see…

If you are unhappy with the way your body looks, you are not alone.

So many of us are struggling with body-hate and yearning for  body-acceptance. How can we fix ourselves? A bolder shade of lipstick, new shoes, firmer biceps… even breast augmentations or reductions are never enough to relieve our eternal discomfort with our bodies.

The only permanent release from this endless cycle of self-loathing is not to change our bodies, but to change they way we see our bodies… but how?

We are a group of women who have discovered that working with images of the human body, particularly our own body, can help mend our broken body perception. By really looking closely, repeatedly, we have actually learned to see differently.

Using the easily accessible practices of photography, drawing and journaling, we have rediscovered our physical selves, our one and only human bodies, from new and different viewpoints. And we’ve finally found some peace with what we see, not matter what size we are, or how old we are, and we are a wide variety of both!

No matter where you are along your path, you are invited on this journey to self-love and self-acceptance through a simple practice that has helped many women and men to finally get more comfortable with our bodies.

This website is a safe place where you can learn this process and share in the practice. You can join us for online drawing sessions, or book us for drawing workshops in your city. You can begin on your own with a minimal amount of equipment, or request personal online accompaniment.

Absolutely no artistic talent or experience required!